Why Gems Cheer Stars?



Gems Cheer Stars is currently SHINING through its 15th season. We have become known for putting out entertaining, fierce routines that always seem to leave the crowd in awe. Our gym is made up of an amazing group of athletes, as well as a teaching staff and atmosphere that cannot be matched. Our program has earned over 100 National Titles, Grand Championships, Bids to US Finals, All Levels Championships, The Summit, and The Cheerleading Worlds. We offer teams levels 1-5, and everyone is placed on a team regardless of their experience! We spread an equal focus on ALL our teams, not just our upper levels. EVERY athlete’s growth is just as important to us as the next, and we take this very seriously!

At Gems Cheer Stars, the titles, banners, and trophies are just a trivial part of the experience. Our program encourages young girls and boys to meet new people, learn self-confidence and trust, and grow and mature into respectful individuals. Our athletes will learn reliability when taking on the responsibility of becoming part of a team. Athletes will stimulate their social skills through the formation of friendships and team bonding events. There’s nothing we LOVE more than to watch our athletes grow from year to year not only in their athletic abilities, but also in meeting their personal and life goals.

Our active staff has knowledge and passion that is second to none! We share not only countless years of experience in the cheerleading industry, but also a love and appreciation for the sport. We take pride in assisting and supporting our athletes to achieve things that they never thought possible. When our athletes push beyond their limits and exceed even their own expectations, that’s when we know we have done our job. We are never satisfied with mediocre because we know our athletes are capable of so much more, and we are willing to do what needs to be done to get them there.

At Gems Cheer Stars, we take an ENORMOUS amount of pride in the family atmosphere we have created and maintained over the past ten years. For most of our athletes, the gym is “a home away from home” and our staff is like family. When our upper level athletes and lower level athletes know each other by name and cheer each other on at every competition, THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW YOU'RE A FAMILY. When one team gives up their first place banner to a different team in the gym because they believed that they deserved it, THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW YOU'RE A FAMILY. 

We enforce a true sense of unity into each of our athletes and help them understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves – our Gems Cheer Stars Family.

As we prepare for the 2015-2016 season, we are continuing to improve our program to ensure that our athletes receive the BEST and BRIGHTEST cheerleading experience possible!