Q. What is Gems Cheer Stars?

A. Gems Cheer Stars is an All-Star Cheerleading gym located in Randolph. NJ. We train and support athletes Levels 1-5 in all-star cheerleading and tumbling. Our athletes are taught not only the core aspects of competitive cheerleading, but also key aspects of life such as trust, responsibility, and pride. We consider ourselves to be a fair gym, placing just as much importance on our lower level teams as our upper level teams. Every athlete, regardless of skill, is equally as important and fundamental to our Gems Cheer Stars family.

Q. How long has Gems Cheer Stars been in business?

A. Gems has currently been in business for 13 years and is going strong. It makes us proud to be able to say that we still have athletes in our program from our early years. At the same time, we continue to welcome new faces into our family every season. Sandi Davies has been the owner of Gems for the past twelve years and is continuing to lead this program to success. WIth our 13th season underway, we are working to improve our program to ensure that  our athletes  have the BEST cheerleading experience possible.

Q. What is All-Star Cheeleading?

A. All-star cheerleading is very different from high school or rec cheerleading. It is a competitive year-round sport that requires both physical and mental stamina. Althetes are trained at our facility to perfect a professionally choreographed routine. They practice year-round to be able to perform their routine, consisting of jumping, stunting, and tumbling elements, at both local and national competitions. It is 100% a team sport, and it requires a lot of dedication and commitment for each athlete involved. It is both a challenging and rewarding sport.

Q. What is Half-Year/Prep Cheerleading?

A. Half-year cheerleading is a great way for "rookie" athletes to get invovled with All-Star Cheerleading without the full year commitment. It is very similar to our full year program, but it only runs for about six months of the year and costs virtually half as much. Rec and high school cheerleaders can utilize this program as a way to maintain and improve their skills as well as get a taste for what All-Star Cheerleading is all about. "Rookie" cheerleaders can use our half-year/prep programs to "get their feet wet" in All-Star Cheerleading. In this program, they will learn the core aspects of cheerleading-jumping, stunting, tumbling, and performing. One year in this program is designed to "prep" a "rookie" athlete to be ready for a season on a full-year all-star team. Half-year athletes will enjoy the same coaching staff and facilities as our full-year teams and will attend many of the same exciting competitions.

Q. If i'm interested in becoming a GEM, what can I do?

A. If you are interested in becoming a GEM, you can email info@gemscheerstars or call us at 973.252.STAR(7827) to check out our facilities, meet our coaching staff, set up an appointment, or sit-in on one of our practices. Our Tryout Information Packet and Online Tryout Registration Form have been posted on the home page of the website! Click here to access tryout information. 

Q. I've heard All-Star cheerleading is expensive but I really want to become a Gem. What are my options?

A. All-star cheerleading can be an expensive sport, but don't worry, there's options! The Gems Fundraising Committee runs successful fundraisers all year-long that each athlete is welcome to participate in. Gems also offer sponsorship opportunities. If you are questioning whether or not you will be able to afford All-Star cheerleading, call us at 973.252.STAR(7827) or email coachsandi@gemscheerstars.com to discuss possible opportunites and options to become a GEM.