Program Overview

All-Star Cheer at Gems Cheer Stars  


 The All-Star Cheerleading program at Gems Cheer Stars is a year-round challenging yet rewarding program. It is both mentally and physically demanding, but it is also rewarding in areas beyond athletic skills and abilities. Our program has become known for turning out entertaining and exciting routines that bring home the titles and the well-deserved recognition of our amazing athletes. More importantly than that, our all-star cheerleading program fosters a sense on unity amongst our athletes to help them realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves-our Gems Cheer Stars Family. 


Pre-Season: Early May - Mid August

Tryouts usually take place the first/second week of May. During tryouts, ALL athletes will be considered for a spot on ALL teams regardless of which day of tryouts they attend. At Gems Cheer Stars, we look at all aspects of each cheerleader and decide which team their talents would most benefit. "Tumbling" is NOT the only deciding factor of what team/level you will be placed on.  Because our coaching staff is familiar with the USASF guidelines and Varsity scoresheets, we look at each cheerleader's individual strengths and determine how they could best contribute to a team. 

As soon as tryouts are over, pre-season begins. This time is used for skill-building and bond-building amongst our athletes. Athletes work to not only gain new skills, but also improve upon the ones they already have. In addition, athletes will condition and train their bodies to prepare for the upcoming competition season. Our coaching staff will be training our athletes in the skills that will be used in their routines later that season. Most importantly, this time is used for team bonding. We BELIEVE that the closer the athletes are in their friendships and social interactions, the more they will enjoy the sport and get excited for the upcoming season. The gym will hold multiple team bonding events such as pool parties and team sleep overs to ensure that each team finds its own sense of team unity. 


"Weerk" Season: Mid August - Early December

We like to call this "Weerk Season" because this is when our athletes really "WERKK IT OUT". It is when our athletes are required to put in true hard work and commitment to really prepare for the upcoming season. In late August, athletes will take part in a mandatory choreography camp where they will learn the routine they will be competing that season. World Champion choreographers are flown out to our facilities to give our athletes the fiercest top-notch routines.

After one week of choreography camp, the season will consist of about two/three practices a week in which athletes will perfect the skills required in each routine. Our coaching staff works especially hard during this time to ensure that our athletes are BEYOND prepared for their first competion in December.


Competition Season: Early December - Early May

Our teams will compete on average at about 10-12 competitions, both locally and nationally. Competition destinations include New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida etc. Practices remain throughout this season about 2/3 times per week. Our Level 5 team will be working to get a bid to the USASF Cheerleading Worlds. Meanwhile, ALL the rest of our teams will be working throughout the season to earn a bid to The Summit, a prestigious all-levels championship for non-worlds teams. Unlike some programs who only focus on their worlds teams, we BELIEVE that all of our teams shoud be given the opportunity to compete at a competition of such magnitude.