Custom Camps/Clinics & Choreography

 Let us create a custom camp/clinic for YOU! We provide certified instructors and come to YOU to provide your athletes with a 2-5 day camp or clinic based on your individual n eeds. These camps are PERFECT for recreation cheerleading programs that want to ensure that both the rec coaches and the rec cheerleaders are safely being taught the proper technique for stunting and tumbling skills. We will also have qualified instructors choreograph half time routines for each team in your program. These clinics are also beneficial for high school teams who need a crash course on the basics of cheerleading or who are looking to take their team’s skills to the next level. All camps are 100% customized to your program’s individual needs.

These customized camps can also be used by competitive rec programs who are looking for skilled choreographers to put together their routine. Our choreographers are familiar with the USASF rules and restrictions for each division and have the knowledge and experience to teach your athletes a winning routine.  

Contact us with any questions so we can start designing your custom camp today!

What are the benefits of having Gems Cheer Stars create a custom camp for you?

  • You pick what you want your athletes to learn, and we teach it. 
  • We specialize in stunts, cheers, and dances.
  • Ideal for programs who don’t have the time or availability to go to camp for an entire week.
  • We come to you.
  • We work out a time slot that works for your program.
  • Anything your program needs can be built in to your customized mini camp
  • We can choreograph entire half time routines. Music included!!