Looking forward to our 16th Season!

Tumbling Classes

Our Tumbling Classes are taught by trained and experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping YOUR child improve their tumbling skills. At Gems Cheer Stars, we stress technique, core strength, and repetition. 

What makes our tumbling classes different?

LOW COMMITMENT: Tumbling class enrollment is done on a monthly basis, making it perfect for busy schedules!

SMALL CLASS SIZES: Caps on class sizes means more individual attention for your athlete! 

PASSIONATE INSTRUCTORS: Certified and passionate insturctors who help your child learn new skills safely! 

EASY REGISTRATION: Can be done online or even on your smartphone-no papaerwork necessary.

Registration can be done completely online and requires no paperwork!

Click HERE for a step-by-step guide on How to Register for one of our tumbling classes. You can also call us 973-252-7827 and we can assist you in the registration process! 

See the difference tumbling at our facility can make!